Nicolas Figueroa

Personal Information

I graduated from Mathematical Engineering at Universidad de Chile in 2000. I did my Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Minnesota, finishing in 2006. My research interests are Mechanism Design, Game Theory and Industrial Organization. 


At the undergrad level, I teach a course on Industrial Organization. At a grad level, I usually teach a core course of Microeconomic Theory and a Mechanism Design course.

Master's students: Gonzalo Cisternas (currently Ph.D. student at Princeton University), Jorge Lemus (currently Ph.D. student at Northwestern University), Jorge Catepillán (currently Ph.D. student at Northwestern University), Carlos Ramírez (currently Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University) and Jorge Vásquez (currently Ph.D. student at University of Wisconsin)


Mechanism Design

The Role of Optimal Threats in Auction Design (joint with Vasiliki Skreta). Journal of Economic Theory 144(2), 884-897.

A Note on Optimal Allocation Mechanisms (joint with Vasiliki Skreta). Economics Letters 102(3), 169-173.

Optimal Allocation Mechanisms with Single-Dimensional Private Information (joint with Vasiliki Skreta). Forthcoming Review of Economic Design.

Sequential Procurement Auctions and Their Effect on Investment Decisions (joint with Gonzalo Cisternas). Submitted.

A Note on the Comparative Statics of Optimal Procurement Auctions (joint with Gonzalo Cisternas).

What to Put on the Table (joint with Vasiliki Skreta). Submitted.

Asymmetric Partnerships (joint with Vasiliki Skreta). Submitted.

On the Planner’s Loss Due to Lack of Information in Bayesian Mechanism Design (joint with José Correa). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5814 (2009), pp. 72--84. (Proceedings of SAGT 2009).

Industrial Organization

Loyalty Inducing Programs and Competition with Homogeneous Goods (joint with Ronald Fischer and Sebastián Infante).

     (See also the Companion Paper "Competition with Asymmetric Switching Costs" by the same authors)

Pricing with Markups in Industries with Increasing Marginal Costs (joint with José Correa and Nicolás Stier-Moses). Revise and Resubmit.

Macroeconomic Theory

Business Cycles and Lending Standards (joint with Oksana Leukhina). Submitted.