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Andrés Weintraub en la Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad de Los Angeles

El viernes 16 de marzo, el Profesor Weintraub dictó la charla ” Operations Research can have a high impact in real problems”.
This talk will present a series of OR based systems that have been successfully implemented in Chilean firms and  public institutions. The work reflects a stated objective of our group to work on innovative, high impact projects. Projects that should change the way operational decisions are carried out .The systems presented correspond to projects in the areas of forestry logistics and production , extraction planning in the copper mining industry, combinatorial auctions to assign contracts to provide daily meals to over a million school students, container scheduling for a large shipping company, scheduling fire fighter trucks to speedily  arrive to contain fires and scheduling the games for the soccer season in the Chilean league, as well as 2018 World Cup South American qualifications. These projects have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in savings. Most of these systems have been in use , with obvious upgrades, for a decade or more. In each case, we present the problem , the solution approach and the impact provided by the solution implemented.