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Seminario Management Science – Prof. Francisco Villarroel



 “Cutting the Content Clutter: A Linguistic Approach to Understanding Social Media Message Sharing”



Peer-to-peer brand message distribution is a priority for social media marketing. Yet content managers, in charge of producing daily brand messages for consumer audiences, have few compositional insights into what, how, and when brand messages are more likely to be shared. Drawing on speech act theory, this study provides a fine-grained analysis of the message intentions, styles, and streams that can increase brand message sharing. An empirical text mining study, using 25,000 brand tweets and Facebook posts across industries, demonstrates the differential impacts of distinct message intentions (assertive, expressive, and directive) on sharing. In addition, the results highlight the joint impacts of message intentions with message style (alliteration and repetitions) and message dynamics (sequences and time dispersion). This study thus contributes to research on social media marketing by offering a more nuanced understanding of brand-generated content and its implications for sharing.

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