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Ciclo seminarios Management Sicence


13:30 horas, sala Asamblea (Beauchef 851, 4° piso, Santiago)

Invitado: Manuel Hermosilla, Profesor Asistente en Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Título conferencia: “Can emerging markets impact de the design of global products? Evidence from a natural experiment on hollywood castings”

As emerging markets gain importance in the global marketplace, their consumers’ preferences may shape cultural innovation in developed economies. We provide evidence that supports this statement by analyzing the impacts of the recent relaxation of China’s restrictions to foreign film importation on the design of Hollywood films. In particular, we see how the Chinese society’s aesthetic preference for lighter skin has subtly inuenced an important choice in the films, the skin color of starring actors. According to our most conservative estimate, this policy change led to an increase of 7% in the participation of pale-skinned star actors among films with the highest exposure to the change (i.e., the films most likely to be imported into China). Owing to the limited design customization and persuasive power of feature films, this cultural accommodation effect may reect a form of preference importation from emerging economies into developed ones.

Organizan: Ingeniería Industrial U. Chile e Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería (ISCI)

Contacto: Pamela Tapia / ptapia@dii.uchile.cl

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