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Ciclo Seminarios Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería (ISCI) / Diego Morán, U. Adolfo Ibáñez, “Some properties of convex mixed-integer programs”


13:15 horas, Sala Asamblea, Beauchef Poniente, 4to piso (Beauchef 851, Santiago)

Invitado: Diego Morán, Profesor Asistente, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.

Título de la conferencia: “Some properties of convex mixed-integer programs “

Mixed-integer programs (MIPs) are optimization problems where some of the decision variables are required to take integer values. Despite the usefulness of linear MIPs in solving real-world problems, there are many engineering and business applications that cannot be modeled by using linear constraints only. Therefore, there is a need to understand basic properties of MIPs that require more intricate constraints, such as nonlinear convex constraints.

In the first part of the talk, we briefly present some advances in various fundamental concepts in convex MIPs, such as properties of their feasible region and properties of cutting planes. In the second part of the talk, we present in more detail our extension of the subadditive duality theory for linear MIPs to the more general case of conic MIPs. This work is motivated by the algorithmic and theoretical implications that this ‘nice’ property has in the linear case. This is joint work with Gustavo Angulo (PUC), Santanu S. Dey (Georgia Tech), Burak Kocuk (Sabanci U.) and Juan Pablo Vielma (MIT).

Consultas a seminarios@isci.cl

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Organiza: Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería (ISCI)