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Ciclo Seminarios Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería (ISCI)


13:15 horas, Sala Asamblea, Beauchef Poniente, 4to piso (Beauchef 851, Santiago)

Invitado: Joey Huchette, Postdoctoral researcher in the Operations Research group at Google Research

Título de la conferencia: “Strong mixed-integer programming formulations for trained neural networks”

We present mixed-integer programming (MIP) formulations for high-dimensional piecewise linear functions that correspond to trained neural networks. These formulations can be used for a number of important tasks, such as: 1) verifying that an image classification network is robust to adversarial inputs, 2) designing DNA sequences that exhibit desirable therapeutic properties, 3) producing good candidate policies as a subroutine in deep reinforcement learning algorithms, and 4) solving decision problems with machine learning models embedded inside (i.e. the “predict, then optimize” paradigm). We provide formulations for networks with many of the most popular nonlinear operations (e.g. ReLU and max pooling) that are strictly stronger than other approaches from the literature. We corroborate this computationally on image classification verification tasks, where we show that our formulations are able to solve to optimality in orders of magnitude less time than existing methods. 

Consultas a seminarios@isci.cl

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Organiza: Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería (ISCI)