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Call for papers Business Analytics in Finance and Industry – BAFI 2015


El 30 de junio se cierra el plazo para el envío de abstracts para la conferencia Business Analytics in Finance and Industry, BAFI 2015.

Temas principales (se incluyen, pero no están limitados a:

Business Analytics – Methods

– Dimensionality Reduction, Feature Extraction, and Feature Selection
– Supervised, Semi-Supervised, and Unsupervised Methods
– Statistical Learning Theory
– Online Learning, Data Stream Mining, and Dynamic Data Mining
– Graph Mining and Semi-Structured Data
– Spatial and Temporal Data Mining
– Deep Learning and Neural Network Research
– Large Scale Data Mining
– Uncertainty Modeling in Data Mining

Business Analytics – Applications
– Credit Scoring and Financial Modeling
– Forecasting
– Fraud Detection
– Web Intelligence and Information Retrieval
– Marketing, Business Intelligence, and e-Commerce
– Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems
– Social Network Analysis
– Privacy-preserving Data Mining and Privacy-related Issue
– Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis, and Opinion Mining

Más información www.bafi.cl