Most of our outreach activities are posted on the Activities menu on the right. These include a list of conferences and workshops, summer and winter schools, some media appearances, among others. In 2013 we organized the 16th Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization (IPCO 2013), sponsored by the Mathematical Optimization Society. We also have collaborated with industrial partners and have developed projects of public interest including a project with Santiago’s Firefighters, and a project with DEMRE for assigning students to Universities in Chile. In 2012 we organized a seminar on social networks for marketing and IT professionals with over 250 participants.

Our schools are regular activities and have had a growing attendance in the last few years. Now around 50 students form all over Latin America come for an intensive week. Schools’ webpage

In 2011 we started out a collaboration program with the Campeonato Escolar de Matemáticas CMAT where a number of activities have taken place and we are continuously developing new ones. A webpage with more information (in spanish) is available here . Lately we also started to work with MIM, the main chilean science museum, to develop new exhibits related to networks.

The extension activites included  the project “Teaching is Learning (TiL)” (TiL), led by the researcher Jérémy Barbay, member of the Nucleo.
In development since 2009, the aim of the project is for middle school students from public and private schools to learn subjects by creating and evaluating their own teaching material.
Via the recording of a short video about the subject taught in class, the students deepen their learning of the material, as they must practice and imagine creative ways to explain it.