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Nature Ranking 2023: Universidad de Chile is once again positioned as the best university in the country

The ranking that evaluates the scientific production of institutions around the world based on articles published in 82 high-impact specialized journals places the University of Chile in first place, after eight consecutive years as the best university in the country, and in fourth position at the South American level. In this way, our university consolidates its commitment to academic excellence and the generation of cutting-edge scientific knowledge.

The leadership position achieved once again by our university in this ranking was highlighted by Enrique Aliste, Vice Chancellor for Research and Development of the campus, who stated that this is the result of the work and dedication of its researchers and students, who day by day contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the development of science in our country.

“The privileged place in international rankings is an achievement that reflects the constant effort of the University of Chile to strengthen its research and generate frontier knowledge. This makes it possible to establish collaborations with international research networks that greatly value the contributions of researchers from our institution,” he said.

Research has been one of the fundamental pillars of the University of Chile throughout its history, which has allowed it to consolidate an excellent research ecosystem, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and knowledge transfer to society. In this sense, Professor Aliste adds that, “on the other hand, this recognition promotes a solid research culture and benefits the reputation of higher education in the country. The outstanding presence in the rankings also attracts academic talent and outstanding students who are looking for institutions with a solid research track record, as this is, without a doubt, a reflection of quality and cutting-edge teaching”.

“This enriches the university community and encourages the exchange of ideas with researchers from all over the world. In summary, occupying such a prominent place in international rankings shows the commitment of the University of Chile to research excellence and global collaboration to address current challenges. It is a testimony of the continuous progress of the University to be an academic benchmark worldwide”, adds the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development of the U. de Chile.