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Our professors Fernando Ordóñez and Andrés Weintraub among Top Scientists in the World according to Research.com

In its first edition that chooses the best scientists in the world, the website Research.com ranked two of our faculty members among the top scientists in the world, while at the same time ranking them on the top spot in Chile in their respective areas of research. Fernando Ordóñez, Mathematical Civil Engineer from the University of Chile and PhD in Operations Research from MIT, occupies the top spot in Engineering and Technology -as the most influential scientist at the national level- with 7,819 citations and 91 publications, while Andrés Weintraub, Civil Electrical Engineer from the University of Chile and PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley, ranked first in Business and Management -with 3,926 citations and 60 publications- and second in the Engineering and Technology category (with 4,867 citations and 88 publications).

In addition to our faculty, two of our alumni José De Gregorio, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEN) of the U. of Chile, and Alejandro Micco, professor of the Department of Economics at the U. of Chile, are also among the top scientist in the world and they are ranked third and fourth in Chile, respectively, in the area of Economics and Finance in this ranking. De Gregorio with 12,268 citations and 125 publications, and Micco with 7,657 citations and 65 publications (the first place is held by Eduardo Engel, former faculty member of our department).

Top scientists

Aiming to make quality research easy to discover, Research.com, one of the leading research websites that since 2014 performs different rankings (universities, conferences, journals) and, starting this year, included the “Top Scientists Ranking” in nine disciplines: Biology and Biochemistry, Business and Business Administration, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Ecology and Evolution, Economics and Finance, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Engineering and Technology, and Environmental Sciences.

The first edition of this ranking examined more than 23 thousand profiles of scientists in Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph to evaluate scientific production, publications and citations collected until December 6, 2021 (based on an examination of 166,880 scientists in Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph).

Links to the Research.com rankings: