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MBA U. Chile: Ranked first in Chile and second in Latin America

The main ranking of Latin American business schools, prepared annually by América Economía magazine in 2022 placed our MBA in the first place within Chile and in second place in Latin America. Previously, in every functional area ranking since 2016, our MBA was placed in the first place in Latin America in the areas of marketing, finance and operations management. This new 2022 recognition, where our program is ranked first in Chile and second in Latin America, goes beyond the functional area rankings because it considers the overall quality of the program.

Christian Diez, Director of the MBA UChile of Industrial Engineering highlights: “This new achievement is the result of a collective effort explained by the high level of our faculty and the teaching and research they carry out, as well as the quality of our students and the talent of the UChile MBA team. This success originates from our focus on training professionals with relevant and up-to-date skills and knowledge to address the complex challenges and opportunities of today’s companies and organizations. These challenges require managers with a comprehensive vision and a deep understanding of the fundamentals of management, who are capable of making rational decisions, forming and leading teams, and formulating and implementing innovative strategies without repeating simplistic recipes. For that we have the best faculty in Latin America”, says Diez.