Special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics:    

The Volume 158, Issue 12, of Discrete Applied Mathematics, dedicated to refereed full articles in connection to LAGOS'07, is already published.


    Special issue of Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics:    
    The Volume 30 of the Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, dedicated to accepted (and presented at the conference) extended abstracts, is already published.


    Accepted papers for presentation in LAGOS07:    
1. "A New Neighborhood for the QAP"
Elizabeth Goldbarg (UFRN, Brazil), Nelson Maculan (UFRJ, Brazil) and Marco Goldbarg (UFRN, Brazil)
4. "Some Inverse Traveling Salesman Problems"
Yerim Chung (U Paris 1, France) and Marc Demange (ESSEC Business School, France)
6. "Limited Packings in Graphs"
Robert Gallant (Memorial U of Newfoundland, Canada), Georg Gunther (Memorial U of Newfoundland, Canada), Bert Hartnell (Saint Mary's U, Canada) and Douglas Rall (Furman U, USA)
7. "Edge Coloring of Split Graphs"
Sheila Almeida (UNICAMP, Brazil), Célia P. de Mello (UNICAMP, Brazil) and Aurora Morgana (U Roma "La Sapienza", Italy)
8. "Strong oriented chromatic number: A Steinberg like problem"
Mickael Montassier (LaBRI, U Bordeaux 1, France), Pascal Ochem (LaBRI, U Bordeaux 1, France) and Alexandre Pinlou (LaBRI, U Bordeaux 1, France)
10. "Homomorphisms of 2-edge-colored graphs"
Amanda Montejano (U Polytecnica de Catalunya, Spain), Pascal Ochem (LaBRI, U Bordeaux 1, France), Alexandre Pinlou (LaBRI, U Bordeaux 1, France), André Raspaud (LaBRI, U Bordeaux 1, France) and Éric Sopena (LaBRI, U Bordeaux 1, France)
11. "Chromatic Edge Strength of Some Multigraphs"
Jean Cardinal (CSD, U Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), Vlady Ravelomanana (LIPN, U Paris-Nord, France) and Mario Valencia-Pabon (LIPN, U Paris-Nord, France)
13. "Partial Characterizations of Circular-Arc Graphs"
Flavia Bonomo (CONICET and UBA, Argentina), Guillermo Alfredo Durán (U Chile, Chile - UBA, Argentina), Luciano Norberto Grippo (CONICET and UBA, Argentina) and Martín Darío Safe (CONICET and UBA, Argentina)
15. "Partial characterizations of clique-perfect and coordinated graphs: superclasses of triangle-free graphs"
Flavia Bonomo (CONICET and UBA, Argentina), Guillermo Alfredo Durán (U Chile, Chile - UBA, Argentina), Francisco Soulignac (UBA, Argentina) and Gabriel Sueiro (UBA, Argentina)
17. "On the Packing Chromatic Number of Trees, Cartesian Products and Some Infinite Graphs"
Douglas Rall (Furman U, USA), Bostjan Bresar (U Maribor, Slovenia), Arthur Finbow (Saint Mary's U, Canada) and Sandi Klavzar (U Maribor, Slovenia)
19. "4-cycles in mixing digraphs"
Omid Amini (INRIA CNRS I3S UNSA, France), Simon Griffiths (Cambridge U, England) and Florian Huc (INRIA CNRS I3S UNSA, France)
21. "Sufficient conditions for a graph to be edge-colorable with maximum degree colors"
Raphael Machado (UFRJ, Brazil) and Celina de Figueiredo (UFRJ, Brazil)
22. "The football pool polytope"
Javier Marenco (UBA and UNGS, Argentina) and Pablo Rey (U Chile, Chile)
23. "The polynomial dichotomy for three nonempty part sandwich problems"
Rafael Teixeira (UFRJ, Brazil), Celina de Figueiredo (UFRJ, Brazil) and Simone Dantas (UFF, Brazil)
24. "A New Lower Bound for the Minimum Linear Arrangement of a Graph"
André Amaral (UFES, Brazil), Alberto Caprara (U Bologna, Italy), Adam Letchford (Lancaster U, England) and Juan José Salazar González (U de La Laguna, Spain)
25. "Constraint Programming for the Diameter Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem"
Thiago Noronha (PUC-Rio, Brazil), Celso Ribeiro (PUC-Rio, Brazil) and Andrea Santos (PUC-Rio, Brazil)
27. "Finding Folkman Numbers via MAX CUT Problem"
Andrzej Dudek (Emory U, USA) and Vojtech Rodl (Emory U, USA)
31. "Bounding the pseudoachromatic index of the complete graph via projective planes"
Gabriela Araujo-Pardo (IM, UNAM, Mexico) and Ricardo Strausz (IM, UNAM, Mexico)
32. "Linear-Interval Dimension and PI Orders"
Márcia Cerioli (UFRJ, Brazil), Fabiano Oliveira (UFRJ, Brazil) and Jayme Szwarcfiter (UFRJ, Brazil)
33. "On cliques of Helly Circular-arc Graphs"
Min Chih Lin (UBA, Argentina), Ross McConnell (Colorado State U, USA), Francisco Soulignac (UBA, Argentina) and Jayme Szwarcfiter (UFRJ, Brazil)
34. "Arithmetic relations in the set covering polyhedron of circulant clutters"
Nestor Aguilera (CONICET and UNL, Argentina)
35. "Even-hole-free planar graphs have bounded treewidth"
Aline Alves da Silva (UFC, Brazil), Ana Silva (UFC, Brazil) and Claudia Linhares-Sales (UFC, Brazil)
37. "List Colouring Constants of Triangle Free Graphs"
Omid Amini (Projet Mascotte, I3S-CNRS/UNSA/INRIA, France) and Bruce Reed (Projet Mascotte, I3S-CNRS/UNSA/INRIA, France - McGill U, Canada)
38. "The Proportional Colouring Problem: Optimizing Buffers in Radio Mesh Networks"
Florian Huc (I3S CNRS-UNSA, INRIA, France), Cláudia Linhares-Sales (UFC, Brazil) and Hervé Rivano (I3S CNRS-UNSA, INRIA, France)
40. "On maximizing clique, clique-Helly and hereditary clique-Helly induced subgraphs"
Liliana Alcon (UNLP, Argentina), Luerbio Faria (UERJ, Brazil), Celina M. H. de Figueiredo (UFRJ, Brazil) and Marisa Gutierrez (UNLP, Argentina)
41. "G-Graphs and Algebraic Hypergraphs"
Alain Bretto (DCS, U Caen, France), Cerasela Jaulin (DCS, U Caen, France), Kevin G. Kirby (DCS, Northern Kentucky U, USA) and Bernard Laget (ENISE, France)
43. "Stronger upper and lower bounds for a hard batching problem to feed assembly lines"
Alexandre Salles da Cunha (UFMG, Brazil) and Mauricio Cardoso de Souza (UFMG, Brazil)
46. "A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Recognizing Near-Bipartite Pfaffian Graphs"
Alberto Alexandre Assis Miranda (IC, UNICAMP, Brazil) and Cláudio Leonardo Lucchesi (IC, UNICAMP, Brazil)
45. "Flow Critical Graphs"
Cândida Nunes da Silva (IC, UNICAMP, Brazil) and Cláudio Leonardo Lucchesi (IC, UNICAMP, Brazil)
53. "Algorithmic aspects of monophonic convexity"
Mitre Dourado (UFRRJ, Brazil), Fabio Protti (UFRJ, Brazil) and Jayme Szwarcfiter (UFRJ, Brazil)
54. "The Generalized Max-Controlled Set Problem"
Ivairton M. Santos (UFMT, Brazil), Carlos A. Martinhon (DCC, IC, UFF, Brazil) and Luiz S. Ochi (DCC, IC, UFF, Brazil)
55. "Colouring clique-hypergraphs of circulant graphs"
Christiane N. Campos (USP, Brazil), Simone Dantas (UFF, Brazil) and Célia P. de Mello (UNICAMP, Brazil)
56. "The nonidealness index of circulant matrices"
Gabriela R. Argiroffo (UNR, Argentina) and Silvia María Bianchi (UNR, Argentina)
57. "Clique-coloring UE and UEH graphs"
Márcia Cerioli (UFRJ, Brazil) and Priscila Petito (UFRJ, Brazil)
63. "On a Conjecture of Víctor Neumann-Lara"
Bernardo Llano (UAM, Mexico) and Mika Olsen (UAM, Mexico)
67. "Online Bounded Coloring of Permutation and Overlap Graphs"
Marc Demange (ESSEC Business School, France), Gabriele Di Stefano (U dell'Aquila, Italy) and Benjamin Leroy-Beaulieu (EPFL, Switzerland)
70. "A robust P2P streaming architecture and its application to a high quality live-video service"
Pablo Rodriguez-Bocca (IRISA/INRIA, France), Héctor Cancela (IC, U República, Uruguay), Franco Robledo Amoza (IC, U República, Uruguay), Gerardo Rubino (IRISA/INRIA, France) and Ariel Sabiguero (IRISA/INRIA, France)
72. "Integer Programming Formulations for the k-Cardinality Tree Problem"
Frederico Quintão (UFMG, Brazil), Alexandre Cunha (UFMG, Brazil) and Geraldo Mateus (UFMG, Brazil)
74. "Totally multicolored diamonds"
Juan Jose Montellano (UNAM, Mexico)
76. "Clique trees of chordal graphs: leafage and 3-asteroidal"
Marisa Gutierrez (DM, UNLP, Argentina), Jayme Szwarcfiter (UFRJ, Brazil) and Silvia Tondato (DM, UNLP, Argentina)
83. "Repetition-free longest common subsequence"
Said Adi (UFMS, Brazil), Marília Braga (U Lyon I, France), Cristina Fernandes (USP, Brazil), Carlos Ferreira (USP, Brazil), Fábio Martinez (UFMS, Brazil), Marie-France Sagot (U Lyon I, France), Marco Stefanes (UFMS, Brazil), Christian Tjandraatmadja (USP, Brazil) and Yoshiko Wakabayashi (USP, Brazil)
87. "A Quadratic Algorithm for the 2-Cyclic Robotic Scheduling Problem"
Pablo Saez (U Concepcion, Chile)
90. "On the complexity of feedback set problems in signed digraphs"
Marco Montalva (U Chile, Chile), Julio Aracena (U Chile, Chile) and Anahi Gajardo (U Chile, Chile)
92. "Flow Hypergraph Reducibility (Extended Abstract)"
André L. P. Guedes (UFPR, Brazil), Lilian Markenzon (UFRJ, Brazil) and Luerbio Faria (UERJ, Brazil)
93. "The maximum number of halving lines and the rectilinear crossing number of Kn for $n \leq 27$"
Silvia Fernández-Merchant (California State U, USA), Bernardo M. Ábrego (California State U, USA), Jesús Leaños (U Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, México) and Gelasio Salazar (U Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, México)
98. "Iterated Clique Graphs and Contractibility (Extended Abstract)"
Francisco Larrión (UNAM, Mexico), Miguel Ángel Pizaña (UAM, Mexico) and Rafael Villarroel-Flores (UAEH, Mexico)
102. "A central approach to bound the number of crossings in a generalized configuration"
Silvia Fernández-Merchant (California State U, USA), Bernardo M. Ábrego (California State U, USA), Jesús Leaños (U Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, México) and Gelasio Salazar (U Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, México)
103. "Nowhere-zero 5-flows and (1,2)-factors"
Martín Matamala (U Chile, Chile) and José Zamora (U Chile, Chile)
104. "Random Graphs, Retractions and Clique Graphs"
Francisco Larrión (UNAM, Mexico), Miguel Ángel Pizaña (UAM, Mexico) and Rafael Villarroel-Flores (UAEH, Mexico)
105. "2K_2 vertex-set partition into nonempty parts"
Simone Dantas (IM, UFF, Brazil), Elaine Eschen (Lane Department of CS and EE, USA), Luerbio Faria (FFP, UERJ, Brazil), Celina M. H. de Figueiredo (COPPE, UFRJ, Brazil) and Sulamita Klein (IM and COPPE, UFRJ, Brazil)
108. "A priori and a posteriori aggregation procedures to reduce model size in MIP mine planning models"
Andres Weintraub (U Chile, Chile), Marianela Pereira (U Chile, Chile) and Ximena Schultz (U Chile, Chile)
111. "Combinatorial flexibility problems and their computational complexity"
Néstor E. Aguilera (CONICET and UNL, Argentina), Valeria A. Leoni (CONICET and UNR, Argentina) and Graciela L. Nasini (CONICET and UNR, Argentina)
  Submitted papers: 104    
    Accepted papers: 52