inicioir al DIIbuscar
the fraunhofer insitute for applied mathematics (itwm)
In this talk I will present an overview of the structure and mission of the Fraunhofer ITWM as well as selected projects. The core competence of ITWM is mathematics: the language used by scientists and engineers to formulate models for technical systems. In our time it is particularly important, as it provides efficient algorithms to compute and analyse such models. Since its foundation in 1995 the ITWM has shown great success in building mathematical bridges between applied sciences and concrete application. Clients are large international companies as well as small and medium regional enterprises. The core competence of the department of Optimization is to develop individual solutions for planning and decision problems in logistics, engineering sciences and life sciences in close cooperation with customers. The methodology is based on the coupling of: Simulation building models or data based virtual structures under consideration of restrictions and free parameters identification of measures for quality and costs in order to evaluate and optimize the structures under discussion Optimization development and implementation of individual optimization methods to calculate best possible solutions of particular interest are multi-criteria problems with conflicting cost and quality indicators integration of simulation and optimization algorithms Decision Support consulting in structuring decision support processes development and implementation of interactive decision support tools, in particular for multi-criteria optimization problems.