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  • Our paper Redundancy in distributed proofs now has an open-access journal version in Distributed Computing.
  • I received the DISC 2020 Best Reviewer award.
  • Our paper "The Secretary Problem with Independent Sampling" will appear at SODA 2021 (joint work with José Correa, Andrés Cristi, Tim Oosterwijk and Alexandros Tsigonias-Dimitriadis)
  • Our paper Silent MST approximation for tiny memory will appear at SSS 2020 (joint work with Lélia Blin and Swan Dubois).
  • This automn, I'll be working betwen Lyon (LIRIS) and Paris (IRIF).
  • I'm part of the program committee of OPODIS 2020.
  • For older news, see this page.

    Research and teaching

    I am interested in algorithms and discrete maths in general. I have been a TA for general CS courses during my PhD.

    My route in research and teaching is described here.

    Publications list
    (with slides, abstracts and notes).