mpq_ILLpriority::mpq_ILLpri_data Union Reference

#include <QSopt_ex.h>

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13165 of file QSopt_ex.h.

Data Fields

void * data
int next

Field Documentation

void* mpq_ILLpriority::mpq_ILLpri_data::data

Definition at line 13167 of file QSopt_ex.h.

Referenced by mpq_ILLutil_priority_deletemin(), mpq_ILLutil_priority_findmin(), and mpq_ILLutil_priority_insert().

int mpq_ILLpriority::mpq_ILLpri_data::next

Definition at line 13168 of file QSopt_ex.h.

Referenced by mpq_ILLutil_priority_delete(), mpq_ILLutil_priority_deletemin(), mpq_ILLutil_priority_init(), and mpq_ILLutil_priority_insert().

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