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Data Structures

struct  ILLsymbolent
struct  ILLsymboltab


#define ILL_namebufsize   0x20000U
#define ILL_SYM_NOINDEX   (-1)


int ILLsymboltab_contains (ILLsymboltab *h, const char *s)
int ILLsymboltab_copy (ILLsymboltab *src, ILLsymboltab *dst)
int ILLsymboltab_create (ILLsymboltab *h, int init_size)
int ILLsymboltab_delete (ILLsymboltab *h, const char *s)
void ILLsymboltab_free (ILLsymboltab *h)
const char * ILLsymboltab_get (const ILLsymboltab *tab, int i)
int ILLsymboltab_getindex (ILLsymboltab *h, const char *name, int *hindex)
int ILLsymboltab_index_ok (ILLsymboltab *h)
int ILLsymboltab_index_reset (ILLsymboltab *h, int icount, char **names)
void ILLsymboltab_init (ILLsymboltab *h)
int ILLsymboltab_lookup (ILLsymboltab *h, const char *s, int *p_index)
void ILLsymboltab_prt (FILE *fd, ILLsymboltab *h)
int ILLsymboltab_register (ILLsymboltab *h, const char *s, int itemindex, int *p_index, int *p_existed)
int ILLsymboltab_rename (ILLsymboltab *h, int i, const char *new_name)
void ILLsymboltab_size (const ILLsymboltab *h, int *p_size)
int ILLsymboltab_uname (ILLsymboltab *h, char name[ILL_namebufsize], const char *try_prefix1, const char *try_prefix2)
void ILLsymboltab_unique_name (ILLsymboltab *tab, int i, const char *pref, char uname[ILL_namebufsize])

Define Documentation

#define ILL_namebufsize   0x20000U

Definition at line 28 of file symtab.h.

#define ILL_SYM_NOINDEX   (-1)

Definition at line 74 of file symtab.h.

Function Documentation

int ILLsymboltab_contains ( ILLsymboltab h,
const char *  s 

int ILLsymboltab_copy ( ILLsymboltab src,
ILLsymboltab dst 

int ILLsymboltab_create ( ILLsymboltab h,
int  init_size 

int ILLsymboltab_delete ( ILLsymboltab h,
const char *  s 

void ILLsymboltab_free ( ILLsymboltab h  ) 

const char* ILLsymboltab_get ( const ILLsymboltab tab,
int  i 

Definition at line 173 of file symtab.c.

int ILLsymboltab_getindex ( ILLsymboltab h,
const char *  name,
int *  hindex 

int ILLsymboltab_index_ok ( ILLsymboltab h  ) 

int ILLsymboltab_index_reset ( ILLsymboltab h,
int  icount,
char **  names 

void ILLsymboltab_init ( ILLsymboltab h  ) 

int ILLsymboltab_lookup ( ILLsymboltab h,
const char *  s,
int *  p_index 

void ILLsymboltab_prt ( FILE *  fd,
ILLsymboltab h 

Definition at line 442 of file symtab.c.

int ILLsymboltab_register ( ILLsymboltab h,
const char *  s,
int  itemindex,
int *  p_index,
int *  p_existed 

int ILLsymboltab_rename ( ILLsymboltab h,
int  i,
const char *  new_name 

Definition at line 262 of file symtab.c.

void ILLsymboltab_size ( const ILLsymboltab h,
int *  p_size 

int ILLsymboltab_uname ( ILLsymboltab h,
char  name[ILL_namebufsize],
const char *  try_prefix1,
const char *  try_prefix2 

void ILLsymboltab_unique_name ( ILLsymboltab tab,
int  i,
const char *  pref,
char  uname[ILL_namebufsize] 

Definition at line 716 of file symtab.c.

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