fp20_edge Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file fp20_presolve.c.

Data Fields

EGfp20_t coef
int col
char coltype
char del
char mark
int row

Field Documentation

EGfp20_t fp20_edge::coef

Definition at line 76 of file fp20_presolve.c.

Referenced by fp20_build_graph(), fp20_dump_graph(), fp20_duplicate_cols(), fp20_duplicate_rows(), fp20_forcing_constraints(), fp20_free_graph(), fp20_get_implied_rhs_bounds(), fp20_get_implied_variable_bounds(), fp20_grab_lp_info(), fp20_set_fixed_variable(), fp20_singleton_columns(), and fp20_singleton_rows().

int fp20_edge::col

Definition at line 72 of file fp20_presolve.c.

Referenced by fp20_dump_graph(), fp20_duplicate_cols(), fp20_forcing_constraints(), fp20_get_implied_rhs_bounds(), fp20_singleton_columns(), and fp20_singleton_rows().

char fp20_edge::coltype

Definition at line 73 of file fp20_presolve.c.

Referenced by fp20_dump_graph().

char fp20_edge::del

Definition at line 75 of file fp20_presolve.c.

Referenced by fp20_duplicate_cols(), fp20_duplicate_rows(), fp20_forcing_constraints(), fp20_get_implied_rhs_bounds(), fp20_grab_lp_line(), fp20_set_fixed_variable(), fp20_singleton_columns(), and fp20_singleton_rows().

char fp20_edge::mark

Definition at line 74 of file fp20_presolve.c.

int fp20_edge::row

Definition at line 71 of file fp20_presolve.c.

Referenced by fp20_dump_graph(), fp20_duplicate_rows(), fp20_get_implied_variable_bounds(), fp20_grab_lp_info(), fp20_set_fixed_variable(), and fp20_singleton_rows().

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