solver.h File Reference

#include "qsopt.h"

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QSLIB_INTERFACE int solver_main (int argc, char **argv)

Function Documentation

QSLIB_INTERFACE int solver_main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 85 of file solver.c.

References dstrategy, fname, get_ftype(), ILL_CLEANUP, ILL_CLEANUP_IF, ILL_MAXDOUBLE, ILL_MINDOUBLE, ILLeditor(), ILLeditor_init(), ILLeditor_solve(), ILLlib_print_x(), ILLmip_bfs(), ILLutil_init_timer(), ILLutil_start_timer(), ILLutil_stop_timer(), ILLutil_zeit(), interactive, qsdata::itcnt, qsdata::lp, lpfile, ILLlpdata::nstruct, lpinfo::O, parseargs(), precision, printsol, ILLlpdata::probname, pstrategy, QS_PARAM_DUAL_PRICING, QS_PARAM_PRIMAL_PRICING, QS_PARAM_SIMPLEX_DISPLAY, QS_PARAM_SIMPLEX_SCALING, QSfree(), QSfree_prob(), QSread_and_load_basis(), QSread_prob(), QSset_param(), QSset_precision(), QSset_reporter(), QSversion(), QSwrite_basis(), readbasis, showversion, simplexalgo, solvemip, usescaling, and writebasis.

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