reader.h File Reference

#include "config.h"
#include "qsopt.h"

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QSLIB_INTERFACE int reader_main (int argc, char **argv)

Function Documentation

QSLIB_INTERFACE int reader_main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 93 of file reader.c.

References add_error(), fname, ILL_CHECKnull, ILL_CLEANUP_IF, ILL_IFTRACE, ILLutil_init_timer(), ILLutil_start_timer(), ILLutil_stop_timer(), lpfile, NULL, out_lp, out_mps, parseargs(), QSerror_collector_free(), QSerror_collector_new(), QSerror_memory_collector_new(), QSerror_memory_create(), QSerror_memory_free(), QSerror_memory_get_last_error(), QSerror_memory_get_nerrors(), QSerror_memory_get_prev_error(), QSerror_print(), QSfree_prob(), QSget_colcount(), QSget_prob(), QSget_probname(), QSget_rowcount(), QSline_reader_free(), QSline_reader_new(), QSline_reader_set_error_collector(), QSread_prob(), QSwrite_prob(), stats, TEST_ERROR_COLLECTOR, and TEST_ERROR_MEMORY.

Referenced by main().

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