mps.h File Reference

#include "readline.h"
#include "format.h"
#include "basicdefs.h"
#include "lpdata.h"
#include "rawlp.h"
#include "read_mps.h"

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int ILLread_mps (qsline_reader *file, const char *filename, rawlpdata *lp)
int ILLwrite_mps (ILLlpdata *lp, qserror_collector *collector)


const char * ILLmps_section_name [ILL_MPS_N_SECTIONS+2]

Function Documentation

int ILLread_mps ( qsline_reader file,
const char *  filename,
rawlpdata lp 

Definition at line 132 of file mps.c.

References rawlpdata::coltab, ILL_IFTRACE, ILL_MPS_ENDATA, ILL_RESULT, ILLmps_empty_key(), ILLmps_error(), ILLmps_next_line(), ILLmps_section_name, ILLmps_state_init(), ILLmps_warn(), ILLsymboltab_create(), mps_fill_in(), read_mps_line_in_section(), read_mps_section(), and rawlpdata::rowtab.

Referenced by ILLread().

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int ILLwrite_mps ( ILLlpdata lp,
qserror_collector collector 

Definition at line 1084 of file mps.c.

References ILLlpdata::colnames, ILL_CHECKnull, ILL_CLEANUP_IF, ILL_FAILfalse, ILL_FAILtrue, ILL_MIN, ILL_namebufsize, ILL_UTIL_STR, ILLdata_warn(), ILLlp_rows_init(), ILLprint_report(), ILLsymboltab_uname(), ILLlpdata::nrows, NULL, ILLlpdata::objname, ILLlpdata::objsense, ILLlpdata::probname, ILLlpdata::refind, ILLlpdata::refrowname, ILLlp_rows::rowcnt, ILLlpdata::rownames, ILLlpdata::rowtab, and ILLlpdata::sense.

Referenced by QSreport_prob().

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Variable Documentation

const char* ILLmps_section_name[ILL_MPS_N_SECTIONS+2]

Definition at line 57 of file mps.c.

Referenced by check_section_order(), ILLlib_readbasis(), ILLmps_set_section(), ILLread_mps(), read_mps_objnamesense(), and read_mps_section().

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