lp.h File Reference

#include "qs_config.h"
#include "readline.h"
#include "lpdata.h"
#include "rawlp.h"
#include "read_lp.h"
#include "write_lp.h"

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int ILLis_lp_name_char (int c, int pos)
int ILLread_constraint_expr (ILLread_lp_state *state, rawlpdata *lp, int rowind, int allowNew)
int ILLread_constraint_name (ILLread_lp_state *state, char **rowname)
int ILLread_lp (qsline_reader *file, const char *fname, rawlpdata *lp)
int ILLread_one_constraint (ILLread_lp_state *state, const char *rowname, rawlpdata *lp, int allowNewColsAddRow)
int ILLwrite_lp (ILLlpdata *l, qserror_collector *collector)

Function Documentation

int ILLis_lp_name_char ( int  c,
int  pos 

Definition at line 74 of file lp.c.

References NULL.

Referenced by fix_names(), and ILLread_lp_state_next_var().

int ILLread_constraint_expr ( ILLread_lp_state state,
rawlpdata lp,
int  rowind,
int  allowNew 

Definition at line 851 of file lp.c.

References add_var(), ILLlp_error(), ILLlp_warn(), ILLraw_rowname(), ILLread_lp_state_next_var(), ILLread_lp_state_possible_coef(), ILLread_lp_state_sign(), and NULL.

Referenced by ILLread_one_constraint(), and read_objective().

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int ILLread_constraint_name ( ILLread_lp_state state,
char **  rowname 

Definition at line 971 of file lp.c.

References ILLlp_error(), ILLread_lp_state_colon(), ILLread_lp_state_has_colon(), ILLread_lp_state_next_var(), and NULL.

Referenced by get_row_col_name(), and read_constraints().

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int ILLread_lp ( qsline_reader file,
const char *  fname,
rawlpdata lp 

Definition at line 685 of file lp.c.

References ILLread_lp_state::bound_val, rawlpdata::coltab, qsline_reader::error_collector, ILLinit_rawlpdata(), ILLlp_error(), ILLraw_fill_in_bounds(), ILLraw_fill_in_rownames(), ILLread_lp_state_init(), ILLread_lp_state_keyword(), ILLread_lp_state_next_field(), ILLsymboltab_create(), rawlpdata::ncols, rawlpdata::nrows, NULL, read_bounds(), read_constraints(), read_integer(), read_minmax(), read_objective(), read_problem_name(), and rawlpdata::rowtab.

Referenced by ILLread().

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int ILLread_one_constraint ( ILLread_lp_state state,
const char *  rowname,
rawlpdata lp,
int  allowNewColsAddRow 

Definition at line 998 of file lp.c.

References ILL_IFTRACE, ILLlp_error(), ILLraw_add_row(), ILLraw_rowname(), ILLread_constraint_expr(), ILLread_lp_state_sense(), ILLread_lp_state_value(), ILLsymboltab_lookup(), rawlpdata::nrows, NULL, rawlpdata::rhs, rawlpdata::rowsense, rawlpdata::rowtab, and ILLread_lp_state::sense_val.

Referenced by add_col(), add_row(), and read_constraints().

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int ILLwrite_lp ( ILLlpdata l,
qserror_collector collector 

Definition at line 173 of file lp.c.

References ILLlpdata::colnames, ILLlpdata::coltab, fix_names(), ILL_FAILfalse, ILL_FAILtrue, ILL_SAFE_MALLOC, ILLdata_error(), ILLlp_rows_init(), ILLprint_report(), ILLsymboltab_contains(), ILLmatrix::matcols, ILLlpdata::nrows, ILLlpdata::nstruct, NULL, ILLlpdata::objname, ILLlpdata::rownames, ILLlpdata::rowtab, ILLlpdata::sos, ILLsymboltab::tablesize, write_objective(), and write_row().

Referenced by ILLlib_optimize(), ILLwrite_lp_file(), and QSreport_prob().

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