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Data Structures

struct  fp20_ILLdheap


void fp20_ILLutil_dheap_changekey (fp20_ILLdheap *h, int i, EGfp20_t *newkey)
void fp20_ILLutil_dheap_delete (fp20_ILLdheap *h, int i)
void fp20_ILLutil_dheap_deletemin (fp20_ILLdheap *h, int *i)
void fp20_ILLutil_dheap_findmin (fp20_ILLdheap *h, int *i)
void fp20_ILLutil_dheap_free (fp20_ILLdheap *h)
int fp20_ILLutil_dheap_init (fp20_ILLdheap *h, int k)
int fp20_ILLutil_dheap_insert (fp20_ILLdheap *h, int i)
int fp20_ILLutil_dheap_resize (fp20_ILLdheap *h, int newsize)

Function Documentation

void fp20_ILLutil_dheap_changekey ( fp20_ILLdheap h,
int  i,
EGfp20_t *  newkey 

void fp20_ILLutil_dheap_delete ( fp20_ILLdheap h,
int  i 

void fp20_ILLutil_dheap_deletemin ( fp20_ILLdheap h,
int *  i 

Definition at line 243 of file fp20_dheaps_i.c.

References fp20_ILLdheap::entry, fp20_ILLutil_dheap_delete(), and fp20_ILLdheap::size.

Here is the call graph for this function:

void fp20_ILLutil_dheap_findmin ( fp20_ILLdheap h,
int *  i 

void fp20_ILLutil_dheap_free ( fp20_ILLdheap h  ) 

int fp20_ILLutil_dheap_init ( fp20_ILLdheap h,
int  k 

int fp20_ILLutil_dheap_insert ( fp20_ILLdheap h,
int  i 

Definition at line 205 of file fp20_dheaps_i.c.

References fp20_dheap_siftup(), fp20_ILLdheap::size, and fp20_ILLdheap::total_space.

Here is the call graph for this function:

int fp20_ILLutil_dheap_resize ( fp20_ILLdheap h,
int  newsize 

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