format.h File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include "qs_config.h"
#include "qsopt.h"

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Data Structures

struct  qserror_collector
struct  qserror_memory
struct  qsformat_error


#define ILLformat_error(collector, error)   ((collector)->add_error((collector)->dest, error))


typedef int(*) qsadd_error_fct (void *dest, const qsformat_error *error)


int ILLadd_error_to_memory (void *dest, const qsformat_error *error)
void ILLerror_collector_free (qserror_collector *c)
qserror_collectorILLerror_collector_new (qsadd_error_fct fct, void *dest)
qserror_collectorILLerror_memory_collector_new (qserror_memory *dest)
qserror_memoryILLerror_memory_create (int takeErrorLines)
void ILLerror_memory_free (qserror_memory *mem)
int ILLformat_error_create (qsformat_error *error, int mode, const char *desc, int lineNum, const char *theLine, int atPos)
void ILLformat_error_delete (qsformat_error *error)
void ILLformat_error_print (EGioFile_t *out, qsformat_error *e)

Define Documentation

#define ILLformat_error ( collector,
error   )     ((collector)->add_error((collector)->dest, error))

Definition at line 123 of file format.h.

Referenced by ILLmsg(), lp_err(), and mps_err().

Typedef Documentation

typedef int( *) qsadd_error_fct(void *dest, const qsformat_error *error)

Definition at line 92 of file format.h.

Function Documentation

int ILLadd_error_to_memory ( void *  dest,
const qsformat_error error 

Definition at line 192 of file format.c.

References qsformat_error::at, qsformat_error::desc, qserror_memory::error_list, qserror_memory::has_error, qserror_memory::hasErrorLines, ILL_CHECKnull, ILL_CLEANUP_IF, ILL_IFFREE, ILL_SAFE_MALLOC, ILLformat_error_create(), ILLformat_error_delete(), qsformat_error::lineNumber, qserror_memory::nerror, qsformat_error::next, NULL, qsformat_error::theLine, and qsformat_error::type.

Referenced by ILLerror_memory_collector_new().

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void ILLerror_collector_free ( qserror_collector c  ) 

Definition at line 150 of file format.c.

References ILL_IFFREE.

Referenced by QSerror_collector_free().

qserror_collector* ILLerror_collector_new ( qsadd_error_fct  fct,
void *  dest 

Definition at line 125 of file format.c.

References qserror_collector::add_error, qserror_collector::dest, ILL_IFFREE, ILL_SAFE_MALLOC, and NULL.

Referenced by ILLerror_memory_collector_new(), and QSerror_collector_new().

qserror_collector* ILLerror_memory_collector_new ( qserror_memory dest  ) 

Definition at line 144 of file format.c.

References ILLadd_error_to_memory(), and ILLerror_collector_new().

Referenced by QSerror_memory_collector_new().

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qserror_memory* ILLerror_memory_create ( int  takeErrorLines  ) 

Definition at line 156 of file format.c.

References qserror_memory::error_list, qserror_memory::has_error, qserror_memory::hasErrorLines, ILL_SAFE_MALLOC, qserror_memory::nerror, NULL, and QS_INPUT_NERROR.

Referenced by QSerror_memory_create().

void ILLerror_memory_free ( qserror_memory mem  ) 

Definition at line 174 of file format.c.

References qserror_memory::error_list, ILL_IFFREE, qsformat_error::next, and NULL.

Referenced by QSerror_memory_free().

int ILLformat_error_create ( qsformat_error error,
int  mode,
const char *  desc,
int  lineNum,
const char *  theLine,
int  atPos 

Definition at line 30 of file format.c.

References qsformat_error::at, qsformat_error::desc, ILL_FAILtrue, ILL_SAFE_MALLOC, ILLformat_error_delete(), qsformat_error::lineNumber, qsformat_error::next, NULL, QS_INPUT_NERROR, qsformat_error::theLine, and qsformat_error::type.

Referenced by ILLadd_error_to_memory(), ILLmsg(), lp_err(), and mps_err().

Here is the call graph for this function:

void ILLformat_error_delete ( qsformat_error error  ) 

Definition at line 75 of file format.c.

References qsformat_error::desc, ILL_IFFREE, and qsformat_error::theLine.

Referenced by ILLadd_error_to_memory(), ILLformat_error_create(), ILLmsg(), lp_err(), and mps_err().

void ILLformat_error_print ( EGioFile_t *  out,
qsformat_error e 

Definition at line 82 of file format.c.

References qsformat_error::at, NULL, QSerror_get_desc(), QSerror_get_line(), QSerror_get_line_number(), QSformat_error_type_string(), and qsformat_error::type.

Referenced by QSerror_print().

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