factor.h File Reference

#include "basicdefs.h"
#include "qs_config.h"
#include "dstruct.h"

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Data Structures

struct  er_info
struct  factor_work
struct  lc_info
struct  lr_info
struct  uc_info
struct  ur_info


typedef char QSbool


int ILLfactor (factor_work *f, int *basis, int *cbeg, int *clen, int *cindx, EGlpNum_t *ccoef, int *p_nsing, int **p_singr, int **p_singc)
void ILLfactor_btran (factor_work *f, svector *a, svector *x)
int ILLfactor_create_factor_work (factor_work *f, int dim)
void ILLfactor_free_factor_work (factor_work *f)
void ILLfactor_ftran (factor_work *f, svector *a, svector *x)
void ILLfactor_ftran_update (factor_work *f, svector *a, svector *upd, svector *x)
void ILLfactor_init_factor_work (factor_work *f)
int ILLfactor_set_factor_dparam (factor_work *f, int param, EGlpNum_t val)
int ILLfactor_set_factor_iparam (factor_work *f, int param, int val)
int ILLfactor_update (factor_work *f, svector *a, int col, int *p_refact)

Typedef Documentation

typedef char QSbool

Definition at line 30 of file factor.h.

Function Documentation

int ILLfactor ( factor_work f,
int *  basis,
int *  cbeg,
int *  clen,
int *  cindx,
EGlpNum_t *  ccoef,
int *  p_nsing,
int **  p_singr,
int **  p_singc 

void ILLfactor_btran ( factor_work f,
svector a,
svector x 

Definition at line 4549 of file factor.c.

References svector::coef, factor_work::dim, ILLfactor_btrane2(), ILLfactor_btranu(), ILLfactor_btranu3(), svector::indx, svector::nzcnt, SPARSE_FACTOR, factor_work::work_coef, and factor_work::xtmp.

Referenced by ILLbasis_row_solve(), and main().

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int ILLfactor_create_factor_work ( factor_work f,
int  dim 

void ILLfactor_free_factor_work ( factor_work f  ) 

void ILLfactor_ftran ( factor_work f,
svector a,
svector x 

void ILLfactor_ftran_update ( factor_work f,
svector a,
svector upd,
svector x 

void ILLfactor_init_factor_work ( factor_work f  ) 

int ILLfactor_set_factor_dparam ( factor_work f,
int  param,
EGlpNum_t  val 

int ILLfactor_set_factor_iparam ( factor_work f,
int  param,
int  val 

int ILLfactor_update ( factor_work f,
svector a,
int  col,
int *  p_refact 

Definition at line 5474 of file factor.c.

References uc_info::cbeg, svector::coef, factor_work::crank, create_column(), delete_column(), factor_work::etacnt, factor_work::etamax, svector::indx, ur_info::nzcnt, svector::nzcnt, ur_info::rbeg, factor_work::rrank, factor_work::uc_inf, factor_work::ucindx, factor_work::ur_inf, factor_work::urindx, and factor_work::work_coef.

Referenced by ILLbasis_update(), and main().

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