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void dbl_ILLeditor (dbl_QSdata *p)
void dbl_ILLeditor_init (void)
int dbl_ILLeditor_solve (dbl_QSdata *p, int salgo)

Function Documentation

void dbl_ILLeditor ( dbl_QSdata p  ) 

Definition at line 188 of file dbl_editor.c.

References dbl_ADD, dbl_add_col(), dbl_add_row(), dbl_COL, dbl_DEL, dbl_del_col(), dbl_del_row(), dbl_DUAL, dbl_getCmd(), dbl_ILL_BREAK_BODY, dbl_ILL_BREAK_BODY_IF, dbl_ILLeditor_help(), dbl_ILLeditor_solve(), dbl_ILLfree_rawlpdata(), dbl_ILLlib_print_x(), dbl_ILLline_reader_free(), dbl_ILLline_reader_new(), dbl_ILLread_lp_state_init(), dbl_ILLread_lp_state_next_field(), dbl_ILLread_lp_state_next_field_on_line(), dbl_ILLread_lp_state_next_line(), dbl_NONE, dbl_PLP, dbl_PMPS, dbl_PRIMAL, dbl_PRTX, dbl_pull_info_from_p(), dbl_QS_EXIT, dbl_QSwrite_prob(), dbl_QSwrite_prob_file(), dbl_ROW, dbl_SOLVE, DUAL_SIMPLEX, ILL_IFTRACE, dbl_qsdata::lp, and PRIMAL_SIMPLEX.

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void dbl_ILLeditor_init ( void   ) 

Definition at line 74 of file dbl_editor.c.

References dbl_ADD, dbl_COL, dbl_commands, dbl_DEL, dbl_DUAL, dbl_hasSubCmd, dbl_HELP, dbl_NCOMMAND, dbl_NEW, dbl_PLP, dbl_PMPS, dbl_PRIMAL, dbl_PRTX, dbl_QS_EXIT, dbl_ROW, dbl_SOLVE, and NULL.

int dbl_ILLeditor_solve ( dbl_QSdata p,
int  salgo 

Definition at line 324 of file dbl_editor.c.

References dbl_ILL_BREAK_BODY_IF, dbl_QSget_objval(), dbl_QSopt_dual(), dbl_QSopt_primal(), ILL_RESULT, PRIMAL_SIMPLEX, and dbl_qsdata::simplex_display.

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