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int ILLmip_bfs (lpinfo *lp, EGlpNum_t *val, EGlpNum_t *x, struct itcnt_t *itcnt)

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int ILLmip_bfs ( lpinfo lp,
EGlpNum_t *  val,
EGlpNum_t *  x,
struct itcnt_t itcnt 

Definition at line 176 of file binary.c.

References mipinfo::activenodes, mipinfo::bestx, bbnode::bound, mipinfo::branching_rule, cleanup_mip(), copy_x(), bbnode::cstat, bbnode::depth, price_info::dII_price, free_mipinfo(), mipinfo::head_bbnode, price_info::htrigger, bbnode::id, ILL_CLEANUP_IF, ILL_IFFREE, ILL_MAX, ILL_MAXDOUBLE, ILL_RETURN, ILL_SAFE_MALLOC, ILLlib_getbasis(), ILLlib_getrownorms(), ILLprice_free_pricing_info(), ILLprice_init_pricing_info(), ILLutil_priority_free(), ILLutil_priority_init(), ILLutil_priority_insert(), ILLutil_zeit(), init_bbnode(), init_mipinfo(), bbnode::next, lpinfo::nrows, ILLlpdata::nstruct, lpinfo::O, mipinfo::objsense, PENALTYBRANCH, mipinfo::ptrworld, QS_PRICE_DSTEEP, mipinfo::que, bbnode::rownorms, bbnode::rstat, run_bfs(), startup_mip(), mipinfo::totalnodes, mipinfo::totalpivots, and mipinfo::value.

Referenced by solver_main().

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