basis.h File Reference

#include "config.h"
#include "dstruct.h"
#include "lpdefs.h"
#include "lpdata.h"

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Data Structures

struct  var_data


int ILLbasis_build_basisinfo (lpinfo *lp)
void ILLbasis_clear_vardata (var_data *vd)
void ILLbasis_column_solve (lpinfo *lp, svector *rhs, svector *soln)
void ILLbasis_column_solve_update (lpinfo *lp, svector *rhs, svector *upd, svector *soln)
int ILLbasis_factor (lpinfo *lp, int *singular)
void ILLbasis_free_basisinfo (lpinfo *lp)
void ILLbasis_free_fbasisinfo (lpinfo *lp)
int ILLbasis_get_cinitial (lpinfo *lp, int algorithm)
int ILLbasis_get_initial (lpinfo *lp, int algorithm)
void ILLbasis_init_basisinfo (lpinfo *lp)
void ILLbasis_init_vardata (var_data *vd)
int ILLbasis_load (lpinfo *lp, ILLlp_basis *B)
int ILLbasis_refactor (lpinfo *lp)
void ILLbasis_row_solve (lpinfo *lp, svector *rhs, svector *soln)
int ILLbasis_tableau_row (lpinfo *lp, int row, EGlpNum_t *brow, EGlpNum_t *trow, EGlpNum_t *rhs, int strict)
int ILLbasis_update (lpinfo *lp, svector *y, int lindex, int *refactor, int *singular)

Function Documentation

int ILLbasis_build_basisinfo ( lpinfo lp  ) 

void ILLbasis_clear_vardata ( var_data vd  ) 

Definition at line 56 of file basis.c.

References var_data::cmax.

Referenced by get_initial_basis2().

void ILLbasis_column_solve ( lpinfo lp,
svector rhs,
svector soln 

void ILLbasis_column_solve_update ( lpinfo lp,
svector rhs,
svector upd,
svector soln 

int ILLbasis_factor ( lpinfo lp,
int *  singular 

void ILLbasis_free_basisinfo ( lpinfo lp  ) 

void ILLbasis_free_fbasisinfo ( lpinfo lp  ) 

int ILLbasis_get_cinitial ( lpinfo lp,
int  algorithm 

int ILLbasis_get_initial ( lpinfo lp,
int  algorithm 

void ILLbasis_init_basisinfo ( lpinfo lp  ) 

Definition at line 91 of file basis.c.

References lpinfo::baz, lpinfo::f, lpinfo::nbaz, lpinfo::vindex, and lpinfo::vstat.

Referenced by ILLbasis_get_cinitial(), ILLbasis_get_initial(), ILLbasis_load(), and ILLsimplex_init_lpinfo().

void ILLbasis_init_vardata ( var_data vd  ) 

Definition at line 49 of file basis.c.

References var_data::cmax.

Referenced by get_initial_basis1(), and get_initial_basis2().

int ILLbasis_load ( lpinfo lp,
ILLlp_basis B 

int ILLbasis_refactor ( lpinfo lp  ) 

void ILLbasis_row_solve ( lpinfo lp,
svector rhs,
svector soln 

int ILLbasis_tableau_row ( lpinfo lp,
int  row,
EGlpNum_t *  brow,
EGlpNum_t *  trow,
EGlpNum_t *  rhs,
int  strict 

int ILLbasis_update ( lpinfo lp,
svector y,
int  lindex,
int *  refactor,
int *  singular 

Definition at line 1470 of file basis.c.

References __QS_SB_VERB, E_FACTOR_BLOWUP, E_UPDATE_NOSPACE, E_UPDATE_SINGULAR_COL, E_UPDATE_SINGULAR_ROW, lpinfo::f, ILLbasis_factor(), ILLfactor_update(), ILLlib_writebasis(), ILLwrite_lp_file(), NULL, and lpinfo::O.

Referenced by dual_phaseI_step(), dual_phaseII_step(), primal_phaseI_step(), and primal_phaseII_step().

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