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eg_lpnum.h File Reference

#include "eg_config.h"
#include "eg_lpnum.dbl.h"
#include ""
#include "eg_lpnum.int32.h"
#include "eg_lpnum.llint.h"
#include "eg_lpnum.fp20.h"
#include "eg_macros.h"
#include "eg_mem.h"
#include "eg_nummacros.h"
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#define __EGlpNumAllocArray(__type, __size)
 Allocate an array of a given type and store (sizeof(size_t) bytes before the actual array) the size of the allocated array.
#define __EGlpNumArraySize(__array)
 Given an array allocated with __EGlpNumAllocArray, return the size of the given array, if the array is null, return zero.
#define __EGlpNumFreeArray(__array)
 , given an array allocated by __EGlpNumAllocArray, free the allocated memory.
#define EGLPNUM_DEBUGL   100
 Debugging verbosity messages deped on the value of DEBUG (defined in eg_configure.h) and on the value of EGLPNUM_DEBUGL macro defined here.
#define EGlpNumExit   EGlpNumClear
 provided for backwards compatibility
Number Types Definitions:

Define (as its name suggest) an internal identifier for the given type. this definitions are provided to select different types of data at compile time, thus allowing us to provide limited template support.

#define DBL_TYPE   0
#define FLT_TYPE   1
#define INT_TYPE   2
#define FP10_TYPE   3
#define FP20_TYPE   4
#define FP28_TYPE   5
#define FP25_TYPE   6
#define GNU_MP_Z   8
#define GNU_MP_Q   9
#define GNU_MP_F   10
#define LDBL_TYPE   11
#define LLINT_TYPE   12
#define FLOAT128_TYPE   13
#define INT32_TYPE   14


void EGlpNumClear (void)
 This function must be called at the end of the program to free all internal data used in the EGlpNum_t structures, once this function is called any operation on EGlpNum_t types may fail.
void EGlpNumStart (void)
 type-dependant constants and helper numbers


int __EGlpNum_setup
 indicate if the global data needed for EGlpNum has been initialized, if zero, initialization routine should be called. This is provided to allow syncronization between libraries

Detailed Description

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