eg_dijkstra.c File Reference

#include "eg_dijkstra.h"
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int EGalgDJK (int32_t const nnodes, int32_t const nedges, int32_t const *const ou_d, int32_t const *const ou_beg, int32_t const *const ou_e, EGlpNum_t const *const weight, int32_t const s, int32_t const nt, int32_t const *const t, int32_t *const father, EGlpNum_t *const dist)
 implement dijkstra.
int EGguReadXgraph (EGioFile_t *const input, int32_t *const n, int32_t *const m, int32_t **const edges, EGlpNum_t **const weight)
 read from a file in .x format (as in the concorde's .x files), the format is as follows: nnodes nedges tail_1 head_1 weight_1 ... ... .... tail_nnodes head_nnodes weight_nnodes comments are allowed, if they start with % or #.

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