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Ronald Fischer
Ph. D. in Economics, Pennsylvania University
Full time, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Chile
República 701, Santiago, Chile
Telephone: (56-2) 978-4072 - Fax: (56-2) 978-4011
Web: See here

Curriculum Vitae


Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, University of Chile

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Virginia

Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile: Ingeniero Civil Matemático.

1985 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA: M.A., Economics.

1987 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA: Ph.D. Economics.

Trade and Industrial Organization and Policy, Political economy of protection, Regulation and Auctions and Corporate Finance.

R. Fischer , P. Valenzuela: "Financial Openness, Market Structure and Private Credit: An Empirical Investigation", forthcoming Economic Letters.

F. Balmaceda, R. Fischer y F. Ramirez,  "Effects of financial liberalization and competition"', forthcoming Journal of Financial Intermediation.
Engel, E., Fischer R. y Galetovic, A. "The Basic Public Finance of Public-Private Partnership's",  J. of the European Economic Association, 11(1), pp 83-111, February 2013.

Engel, E., Fischer R. y Galetovic, A. "The Economics of Infrastructure Finance: Public-Private Partnerships versus Public Provision", European Investment Bank Papers, 15(1), pp 40-69,

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Fischer, Ronald (con E.Engel y A. Galetovic). "Highway franchising and real estate values". Journal of Urban Economics 57, 432-448, 2005.
Engel E, Fischer R, Galetovic A. "How to auction a bottleneck monopoly when underhand vertical agreements are possible", Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 52 (3): 427-455, 2004 

Eduardo M. Engel & Ronald Fischer & Alexander Galetovic, 2004. "Toll Competition among Congested Roads," The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Berkeley Electronic Press, vol. 0(1).

Fischer, Ronald and Thomas Prusa: "WTO Exceptions as Insurance", Review of International Economics, 11(5), November. Reprinted in Brown Ch. (ed), "The WTO, Safeguards, And Temporary Protection From Imports", E. Elgar Pub., UK, 2006.

Ronald Fischer & Alexander Galetovic, 2003. "Regulatory governance and Chile's 1998-1999 electricity shortage," Journal of Policy Reform, Taylor and Francis Journals, vol. 6(2), pages 105-125, June. 

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Fischer, Ronald and Pablo Serra: "Regulation of the electric sector in LA", Economia, the LACEA Journal, 1, p. 155-198, Fall 2000.


"The Economics of Public-Private Partnerships: A Basic Guide" (con E. Engel y Alex Galetovic), Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.

"Latin America and the Global Economy: Export Trade and the Threat of Protectionism"  (editor), Palgrave, UK. 2001.

"Las Nuevas Caras del Proteccionismo" , (editor), Dolmen, Septiembre 1997.

Book Chapters (last 10 years)
Engel, E. and Fischer, R.:  "Optimal Resource Extraction Contracts Under Threat of Expropriation", in
 The Natural Resources Trap: Private Investment without Public Commitment, W. Hogan and F.
Stutzenegger (eds), MIT Press, 161-197, June 2010.

Fischer, Ronald: "Latin America: High Logistics Costs and Poor Infrastructure for Merchandise Transportation - An Alternative View", in Latin American Development Priorities: Costs and Benefits, Bjorn Lomborg (editor), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, in press, 412-423. February 2009

Fischer, R., Serra, P. (2008) Efectos de la privatización de servicios públicos en Chile (...). En Fernández-Arias, E. (Ed.), Desafíos al desarrollo de Chile: elementos para el diálogo de políticas, BID, Washington DC.

Fischer, Ronald: "Effects of Protectionism on Chilean Exporters: a Preliminary Survey", in Dee, P. and Ferrantino, M. (eds): "Quantitative Methods for Assessing the Effects of Non-tariff Measures and Trade Facilitation", APEC Secretariat and World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 2005.

Fischer, Ronald, Rodrigo Gutiérrez, and Pablo Serra: "The effects of Privatization on Firms: the Chilean Case",  in "Privatization in Latin America: Myths and Reality" (editor with A. Chong), Stanford University Press and The World Bank, February 2005.

Other international publications (last 10 years)

Engel, E, Fischer, R. and Galetovic, A.: "Highway networks and PPPs: An alternative to traditional public provision?", Network Industries Quarterly 15(1), 6-9.

Fischer, R. : "Review of 'Collaborative Governance: Private Roles for Public Roles' by J. Donahue and R. Zeckhauser", J. of Economic Literature, (XLIX), pp 1282-1286, December 2012.

Engel E, Fischer R, Galetovic A: "Public-Private-Partnerships to Revamp U.S. Infrastructure"
Hamilton Policy Brief, Brookings Institution, 2011.

Articles published in Chile (last 10 years)

Engel E, Fischer R, Galetovic A, Renegociación de Concesiones en Chile, Estudios Públicos, 113, Verano, 151-205, 2009.

Fischer, Ronald: "Política comercial estratégica en el mercado chileno.", Estudios
Públicos (109), 2008.

Fischer, Ronald and Andrea Repetto "Método de selección y resultados académicos", Estudios
Públicos (92), 2003.

Fischer, Ronald and Pablo Serra: "Evaluación de la regulación de las telecomunicaciones en Chile",
(con P. Serra), Perspectivas, 6(1), 45-78.

Fischer, Ronald: "Liberalización del comercio, desarrollo y política gubernamental",
Estudios Públicos, 84 324-359, primavera 2001.

Fischer, Ronald: "Las concesiones de infraestructura: Desafío para el futuro",
Anales del Instituto de Ingenieros, 112(2), 39-48, Agosto 2000.

Other Publications, recent

"Informe de la Comisión Asesora Presidencial para la Defensa de la Libre Competencia'', julio 2012,

"Informe de la Comisión Asesora de Desarrollo Eléctrico'', noviembre 2011,

"Informe de la Comisión de Reforma a la Regulación y Supervisión Financiera, 2011

Working Papers

R. Fischer: "Promoción de la competencia en el sector eléctrico", 2013, unpublished.

R. Fischer, N. Inostroza y F. Ramirez: "Banking Competition and Economic Stability", CEA Working Paper 297, Junio 2013.

Eduardo Engel & Ronald Fischer & Alexander Galetovic, 2011, "The Promise and Peril of Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons from the Chilean Experience"', unpublished.

Eduardo Engel & Ronald Fischer & Alexander Galetovic,2009 "Public-Private Partnerships: When and How", unpublished.

Eduardo Engel & Ronald Fischer & Alexander Galetovic, 2009. "Soft Budgets and Renegotiations in Public-Private Partnerships," NBER Working Papers 15300, National Bureau of Economic Research. 

R. Fischer & R. Palma-Behnke & J. Guevara-Cedeño, 2009. "Conflict Resolution in the Electricity Sector - The Experts Panel of Chile," Working Paper 260, Centro de Economía Aplicada, Universidad de Chile. 

Nicolás Figueroa & Ronald Fischer & Sebastián Infante, 2008. "Loyalty inducing programs and competition with homogeneous goods," Working Paper 249, Centro de Economía Aplicada, Universidad de Chile. 

Nicolás Figueroa & Ronald Fischer & Sebastián Infante: "Competition with asymmetric switching costs" 

Ronald Fischer & Martín Osorio, 2002. "Why Do We Need Antidumping Rules?," Working Paper 134, Centro de Economía Aplicada, Universidad de Chile. 
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