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Seminarios y Workshops
Seminarios y Workshops
AÑOS ANTERIORES Próximos seminarios Workshop
29 de Noviembre de 2017 13:00

"CEA-MIPP - Speed Acquisition"
Bart Z. Yueshen, INSEAD

25 de Octubre de 2017 13:00

"The Real Exchange Rate, Innovation and Productivity: A Cross-country Firm-level Analysis"
Laura Alfaro, Harvard University

18 de Octubre de 2017 13:00

"Patterns of Agricultural Production and Long-run Development in Argentina’s Fertile Plains"
Federico Droller, Department of Economics FAE, Universidad de Santiago

11 de Octubre de 2017 13:00

"An Economic Theory of Segregation"
Daniel Hojman, Universidad de Chile

04 de Octubre de 2017 13:00

"A time to scatter stones, and a time to gather them: the annual cycle in hedge fund risk taking"
Olga Kolokolova, The University of Manchester

27 de Septiembre de 2017 13:00

"Endogenous Peer Effects in the Chilean Interbank Market"
Paula Margaretic, Universidad de Chile

13 de Septiembre de 2017 13:00

"Quantifying the Sources of Price Dispersion: Evidence from Hospital Supplies"
Matthew Grennan, Wharton University of Pennsylvania

06 de Septiembre de 2017 13:00

"Learning from History: Volatility and Financial Crises"
Ilknur Zer, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

30 de Agosto de 2017 13:00

"Seminarios CEA-MIPP- Fair and efficient assignments with fractional endowments"
Federico Echenique, Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences. California Institute of Technology

23 de Agosto de 2017 13:00

"Seminarios CEA-MIPP - Gender-Targeted Job Ads in the Recruitment Process: Evidence from China"
Peter Kuhn, University of California, Santa Barbara

11 de Agosto de 2017 13:30

"Seminarios CEA-MIPP - Social Insurance and Efficient Occupational Mobility"
Germán Cubas, Department of Economics at the University of Houston

09 de Agosto de 2017 13:00

"Firm Leverage and Equity Option Returns"
Aurelio Vazquez, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

02 de Agosto de 2017 13:30

"CEA-MIPP - Making a Miracle: Ireland 1980-2005"
ustavo Ventura, Arizona State University

28 de Junio de 2017 13:00

"Public and Private Competition over Quality"
Felipe Balmaceda, Departamento de Economía , Universidad Diego Portales

21 de Junio de 2017 13:00

"Dual Employment Protection Legislation and the Size Distribution of Firms"
Román Fossati, Department of Economics at Diego Portales University

14 de Junio de 2017 13:00

"Occupational Licensing, Labor Mobility, and the Unfairness of Entry Standards"
Mario Pagliero, Collegio Carlo Alberto

07 de Junio de 2017 13:00

"A Theory of Rational Altruism"
Francisco Parro, Assistant Professor of Economics, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, School of Business

31 de Mayo de 2017 13:00

"Too Good to Fire: Non-Assortative Matching to Play a Dynamic Game"
Thomas Wiseman - Department of Economics University of Texas at Austin

24 de Mayo de 2017 13:00

"Should buyers or sellers organize trade in a frictional market?"
Alain Delacroix, UQAM, Département des sciences économiques

17 de Mayo de 2017 13:00

"Evidence about Bubble Mechanisms: Precipitating Event, Feedback Trading, and Social Contagion"
Neil Pearson, College of Business at Illinois

10 de Mayo de 2017 13:00

"Effect of Single Sex Schools on Major Choice"
Valentina Paredes, Facultad de Economía y Negocios, FEN- U Chile

03 de Mayo de 2017 13:00

"Product-Market Integration and Endogenous Asymmetries of Technology Adoption"
Ivan Ledezma, Université de Bourgogne

26 de Abril de 2017 13:00

"Market Manipulation and Innovation"
Douglas Cumming, Schulich School of Business, York University

12 de Abril de 2017 13:00

"Biased Updating in Dynamic Experimentation"
Qiaoxi Zhang, Postdoctoral fellow, Universidad de Chile - MIPP

05 de Abril de 2017 13:00

"Technological Change, Business Cycle and the Wage Structure"
Gonzalo Castex - Central Bank of Chile

29 de Marzo de 2017 13:00

"Private Money Creation with Safe Assets and Term Premia"
Sebastian Infante, Federal Board

24 de Marzo de 2017 13:30

"Why There Are Fewer Female Engineers? The Role of Teachers"
Victor Lavy - Warwick, Department of Economics

22 de Marzo de 2017 13:00

"Trades, Quotes and the Cost of Capital"
Ioanid Rosu, École des hautes études commerciales de Paris - HEC París

15 de Marzo de 2017 13:00

"Retention Futility: Targeting High Risk Customers Might Be Ineffective"
Eva Ascarza - Columbia Business School

10 de Marzo de 2017 13:00

"Dynamic Natural Monopoly Regulation: Time Inconsistency, Moral Hazard, and Political Environments"
Claire Lim, Cornell University

08 de Marzo de 2017 13:00

"The formation of partnerships in social networks"
Francis Bloch, Université Paris 1

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