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Ricardo Montoya


Profesor Asociado



Grados Académicos

Ingeniero Civil Industrial, Universidad de Chile
M.S. en Gestión de Operaciones, Universidad de Chile
Ph.D.en Marketing, Columbia University (EE.UU)

Áreas de Especialización

Marketing cuantitativo
Inteligencia de marketing
Gestión de operaciones

Actividades Docentes

Ingeniería en Marketing
Investigación de Mercados


http://www.dii.uchile.cl/~rmontoya/ +56229784943

Dr. Montoya is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at the Universidad de Chile, where he teaches Marketing courses. He received his Ph.D. in Marketing from Columbia University and his Master in Operations Management and Industrial Engineering degrees from Universidad de Chile. His research focuses on modeling and estimating consumer preferences, dynamic choice models, and optimal product design. His methodological interests lie in Bayesian econometrics, hidden Markov models, and stochastic dynamic programming. An area of interest is the development of optimal marketing resource allocation policies under dynamic preferences. Another active area of research is the development of methods to incorporate and estimate non-compensatory preferences. His work has been published in top management science journals, such as Marketing Science, Management Science, Operations Research, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, and the European Journal of Operational Research. His research has been supported with grants from Conicyt and Institute Millennium in Chile and Columbia University in USA.