Third Nucleo-MPII Workshop: “International Collaboration Workshop in Algorithms”

Date: January 8-13, 2017.

The third Nucleo-MPII workshop will bring together researchers mainly from Chile and Germany in the design of approximation algorithms for combinatorial problems.  During the workshop we will also hold the first anual meeting of the Universidad de Chile / MPII joint collaboration grant PII20150140 “Fast Approximation Algorithms for Massive Data Sets”, which will strenghten the international connections of Nucleus.

The activities will be held at the Nucleus Offices located at the Departamento de Ingeniería industrial, Universidad de Chile.  Detailed information for participants is available in this document.


Sunday 8th: Workshop Dinner.

Monday 9th
Morning Lecture “Tight conditional upper and lower bounds for scheduling jobs to minimize the makespan”. Speaker: José Verschae.
Early Afternoon Lecture “An introduction to conditional lower bounds.” Speaker: Parinya Chalermsook.
Afternoon Open Problem Session

Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th.
Research sessions.

Confirmed Participants (the list will be updated as the event approaches):

Parinya Chalermsook, Daniel Ramos Vaz, Andreas Schmid, Sandy Heidrich,
Syamantak Das, Tobias Momke, Jannik Matuschke, Antonios Antoniadis, Nicole Megow, Rob van Stee, Franziska Eberle, Marcus Kaiser, Felix Happach, Haakon Rod, Victor Verdugo, Kevin Schewior, Krzysztof Fleszar, Pablo Perez-Lantero, José Verschae, José Soto, José Correa, Neil Olver, Joachim Spoerhase.